Ferrari Body Repair Shop

Repairing Ferrari, the Italian luxury car is not less than a nightmare. As an owner, you don’t want the fixing done by a non-professional. Also, finding a Ferrari repair shop specifically in Philadelphia isn’t easy. Thereby, at Dr. Ralphs’s, we offering a wide range of services for your Ferrari body repair:

Paint-less Dent Repair & Removal

This is a unique repairing process to remove the dent. It requires excellent craftsmanship and innovative tools to fix each dent carefully. The Ferrari body repair is done by smoothing out damaged panels outward.

Car Paint

If any mishap makes you visit a our Ferrari body repair shop, consider painting the damaged areas too. Getting your Ferrari painted is as important as Ferrari auto body repair.

Body Work

The body of the vehicle needs to be checked and tested. If your car met an accident, make sure you visit a our Ferrari repair shop to overcome Ferrari collision repair and Ferrari auto body repair.

Auto Undercoating

Ferrari body repair also includes undercoating in which rubber-based composite or wax is applied on the underside of your vehicle. This step ensures rust-proofing and protects the car from ice or salt on the road.

Chassis Straightening

Chassis straightening is another step when it comes to Ferrari collision repair. Our expert technicians use innovative equipment to perform chassis straightening. So, when your car is given back to you, the chassis comes back in the form and your car goes safely on the roads.

Pin striping

Our Ferrari body repair shops also offer pin striping too. It is a thin layer of pinstripe, a painting material. Many vehicle owners consider it for decoration.

Color Matching

Color matching is also a step, this procedure has revolutionized over the years. Our expert technicians use only the latest tools to get the color as close as possible.


Welding can fix various issues. Taking your vehicles to experts for Ferrari collision repair will enable you whether your car needs it or not.

Bumper Repair

A simple scratch or major bumper repair, our ferrari repair shops fix everything. A few touches to the bumper won’t hurt when you opt for Ferrari body repair.